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Document Description
Basic Unit Converter How to use % command to convert between units
Length Unit Conversion List of length units and how to convert units
Table data How to use table data (like Excel, Numbers, SQL)
Sort values Sort values by table columns
Command Function Note
p2 x2 Return argument to the power 2
p3 x3 Return argument to the power 3
r2 square root Return square root
ceil Ceil Ceil the value
floor Floor Floor the value
frac Fraction Convert decimal to fraction
deg radian to degree Convert angle from radian to degree
rad degree to radian Convert angle from degree to radian
sin sine Sine of argument in radian
cos cosine Cosine of argument in radian
tan tangent Tangent of argument in radian
e exponential e to the power x (e: Napier's constant)
log loge Logarithm of x to base e
log10 log10 Logarithm of x to base 10
log2 log2 Logarithm of x to base 2
log1p loge(1 + x) Logarithm of (1 + x) to base e
acos arc cos Arc cosine of argument (return value is in radian)
asin arc sin Arc sine of argument (return value is in radian)
atan arc tan Arc tangent of argument (return value is in radian)
cosh hyperbolic cos Hyperbolic cosine of argument
sinh hyperbolic sin Hyperbolic sine of argument
tanh hyperbolic tan Hyperbolic tangent of argument
acosh inverse cosh Inverse of hyperbolic cosine
asinh inverse sinh Inverse of hyperbolic sine
atanh inverse tanh Inverse of hyperbolic tangent
erf error function Error function
gamma gamma function Gamma function
lgamma log of gamma Return the natural logarithm of the absolute value of Gamma function
Command Map Note
abs Absolute Absolute value
gcd GCD GCD / Polynomial GCD
lcm LCM LCM / Polynomial LCM
pe Expand Expand a polynomial
pf Factor Factorize a polynomial
d Differential Differentiate a function
i Integral Integrate a function
lim Limit Limit of a function
ser Series Series expansion of a function
l Length Length of the numbers
max Max Max of the numbers
min Min Min of the numbers
a Average Average of the numbers
median Median Median of the numbers
mode Mode Mode of the numbers
var Variance Variance of the numbers
sd Standard deviation Standard deviation of the numbers
polar Polar coordinate Cartesian to polar coordinates
beta Beta function Beta function
entropy Entropy Entropy / Relative entropy
Command Map Note
det Determinant Determinant of matrix
inv Inverse Inverse of matrix
qr QR decomposition QR decomposition (factorization)
eigen Eigenvector Eigenvalues and vectors
Function Description
Convert Lowercase How to convert text to lowercase
Convert Uppercase How to convert text to uppercase
Convert Capital Case How to convert text to capital case
Convert Title Case How to convert text to title case
Trim String Trim spaces from multiple lines in text
Swap Cases Swap lowercase and uppercase
Count Letters Count the number of lines and letters in text
Split Letters Split the string to multiple lines by spaces or newlines